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Jason From MA
Surprisingly, for a relatively "exotic" seeming pet, the African Clawed Frog is ridiculously easy to raise and maintain - for the most part, no more difficult than a freshwater fish - but far more entertaining, to be sure.

They make for great conversation starters (so bring one along to your next party, and it will entertain the whole crowd with its witty repartee). They seem to be quite hardy - I've had mine for 9 years. It's escaped once, been carted around on a dozen moves, defended itself against a turtle, and survived the care of someone who has never met a houseplant he couldn't kill - me.

For first time owners especially, I highly recommend Three Rivers of Brooksville (formerly Three Rivers Amphibians). They market a self-contained educational kit called Grow-a-Frog, with a hilariously tongue-in-cheek owner's manual geared for all ages. The kits come with a mail-in coupon for a tadpole, which arrives by special mail carrier in suspended animation (it comes with a  guarantee, just in case the suspension is a bit more permanent.) You get to watch your tadpole turn into a tiny froglet, and then you send for "Stage 2," a larger plastic aquarium and new food.... You can also order additional adult frogs (send your frog a friend, or send your friend a frog), literature, food, and other supplies.
Joyce Maravich - Teacher
Frogs Come to School

[My] class is enjoying a new science and life experience. We now have tadpoles which will grow into a special kind of frog (Grow-A-Frog). These particular frogs are from South America, but we ordered them from Florida. The students have been comparing these frogs with basic frogs and noting their differences and similarities.
The students were very surprised to find that these frogs always live in water, even as adults!

Each student has a frog to study, observe, feed, and take care of. Every day the students make certain the habitat of their tadpole is intact. They have been recording their daily observations and observing their tadpoles' behavior.


They are amazed by the process of metamorphosis. All of the tadpoles now have legs. A few are just starting to grow arms. Soon the students will transfer their tadpoles to "new environments" in order to accommodate their growth. After the tadpoles change to frogs, the students will be allowed to adopt their animals as pets (with parental permission, of course)! The students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of these rather fragile pets and how to care for them before they become adoptive parents. Some of the activities we have been doing include: mapping, writing poetry, watching "frog" movies, measuring, and planning. The students are doing an excellent job taking care of their "little" buddies!


Maddy from email - 8-20-00
Dear all you froggie lovers you, you're out there and I can feel it in my bones, so can my froggie named Hoggie. That's why we are writing this letter, we just wanted you to know that if you don't have a frog, you better just get out there and fight, just fight to get a frog, thats grow a frog! Some of my friends think I'm a walking talking advertisement for grow a frog, but I'm just a passionate, sweet minded kind of frog lover, for grow a frog that is! I love my froggie Hoggie sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, in a way he has influenced me, I even like to consider myself a frog sometimes. My name is Maddy and I just wanna say, YA GATTA LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kim, 22, NY
I work in a toy store and recently discovered the GROW-A-FROG kit in the science section. I thought it was a great gift for a child, but instead I gave it to myself as a gift. HaHa. I was so excited to learn all about my little tadpole that I decided to go online and look for frog websites. I couldn't believe all these stories and facts I learned from this site. It made me more impatient for the arrival of my new "baby." I just received my tadpole today in the mail. (It only took a few days.) I could feel it moving around in the Styrofoam crate, so at least I knew it was alive and well. I followed all instructions and then decided to name it Rex. (Rex means King in Latin.) I can't wait until it gets bigger so I can watch it swim around. It is so adorable and I recommend this GROW-A-FROG kit to anyone who has a love for science and cute pets. 


The King Family - Robert... Sad to see him go...
Hi everyone,

I wrote in a year and a half ago about our frog Robert.  He was my sister's birthday present when she was 7 and now she's almost 23.  Sadly, for our family Robert didn't make it to 16.  He passed on to froggie heaven a couple of days ago and we miss him a lot.  He was more than a frog, he had become part of our family.  Thank you, Grow-A-Frog company for sending our friend all those years ago.  


Jennifer King
Hello, People!!

I am so excited to have discovered this page! My son received a Grow-a-Frog kit for Christmas in 1999 - he was five. "Speedy" arrived safely in the mail and we introduced him to his new home. I read all the information that came with him and was very intrigued. However, I had NO idea that we were in for so much entertainment. He developed so quickly that he had become a frog before I had even ordered the new frog food and habitat! 

Not realizing that the second home came with a friend, I ordered a friend. So here I have this little bitty baby frog, and now 2 more that were twice his size. Turns out Speedy is a boy and the other two - who have never been named other than "That really huge one" and "The other one" are girls. 

I started wondering whether they would reproduce, and from the literature, figured that they would not. Well, about 3 months ago, we noticed what looked like eggs hanging from the air hose. Sure enough, the next day they had hatched and if you watched closely enough you could see little tadpoles. I was amazed, but they only lasted a matter of hours.

They now reside in a 3 1/2 gallon tank and eat out of our fingers or a spoon. But I've never heard them "sing!" What prompts me to find this site and tell this story is that they are in their right now laying and fertilizing eggs again! I'm a little surprised to find only one story here about having tadpoles - Can anyone tell me if there's a way to save these little guys from the fate the last ones suffer?


My dad's job is painting houses. Like usual he dropped me off at school and went off to his job.
When he picked me up from school he said that at the house he was painting had two African Singing Frogs. He said that she was trying to give them to him. Then the big day came, my elementary 5th grade graduation. After the graduation my dad checked me out early. Then he told me that he was going to get his check from the lady who had the frogs. He told me I could go in and look at them. When I saw them they looked cool. Then dad came and said "so, you ready to take your frogs home". I was so amazed when I brought it home. When I looked at the caring case it said GROW-A-FROG on it. I named the female Mimi and the male Willy. Well, time to go feed them.


My grow-a-frog is 9 years old right now and still going strong. The unusual thing about my frog is that it is huge!!!!! I read in the booklet that they only grow to be about twice the size of a half dollar and that's the largest. Well my frog is four or five times that size. I really enjoy him and every time I'm in my room I love watching him. These are grow-a-frogs are really cool animals.



Our 17 year old daughter received a grow-a frog kit for her 5th birthday in November of 1988. "Patrick" the frog turned out to be a girl and is still swimming in our aquarium -- nearly 13 years old now!


hi i am amy richardson!

 i live in main and catch frogs almost all the time!!! once there was a big bullfrog that we caught down by the river and it was really fisty!!! one night when i was sleeping it got out of the cage i had it in! my mom saw it first and i dedided that it would be best if i got the frog out! i put him back but left the top off again he hopped out and caused a bunch of ruccuss that time! my sister nicole was in the bathroom getting a drink when it came in and sat on the velvet bathroom rug!! i put him back in the cage! and put the top back on! 



Our Grow-A-Frog is named Porky who is about 12 years old. She is so cute to watch. She looks at you with those big eyes and watches TV from her tank. She likes to hide in her castle and behind some of the objects in her tank. A couple of weeks ago while transferring her to another tank so hers could be cleaned she escaped from the net. We were frantic when she hopped between the couch and table and couldn't reach her. Finally she hopped out with some dust on her and started to hop into the hallway but we caught her and put her back in her tank. When we feed her we call her to the same corner and it seems she knows right where to swim to for her food and then gets those little hands going to her mouth as if to say "give me more".


Grow a Frog are crazy!  My name is Mike and I'm sixteen.  I received a tadpole last week, and it had tiny microscopic legs... but now, a week later, he's using his legs to swim, and now has tiny microscopic arms!  I sit in front of him and stare, and when i laugh because he is soo crazy, he goes nuts!  He can hear me laughing!!!  I named him Goombahead because he looked like a fish, but had a wide head, not a long head like a fish.  Goombahead is really awesome.  Cheers to all grow a frogs!


Marty Bird
My Grow-a-Frog is named Frogger (after the video game) and I've had him about 4 years now. He arrived as a froglet instead of a tadpole - I had him shipped to work instead of home where I amazed all my co-workers. Frogger is a "he" after I learned to check for the stripes on his arms. He has quickly outgrown his first two tanks and now is very happy in a 6-gallon home where he swims a little more freely (I still think he need more room to stretch those legs, though!). The only story I really have is that Frogger is much bigger and stronger than I ever thought he wouldbe. Also the lady that cleans our house is afraid of him so I have to cover the tank on the days she comes! Frogger sings and sings at night and makes me happy. I hope to have him as long as some of you (15 years!).


Vicki - Beebe, AR
Gordon passed away this morning.  He was twelve years old.  He was lots of fun to play with and will be missed greatly.  He was taken to school on several occasions and was always fascinating to watch and learn about.  One most memorable time about Gordon was when he escaped from a little hole at the top of an aquarium one night.  He was discovered singing the next morning in the middle of the kitchen floor--quite sticky!  Luckily he made it through and lived a good long life.


Hello, my name is Meghan
 I have had Grow a Frogs fore 6 years. The first one I got was named Pikle we had here fore about 5 weeks. Then saddly she died. About two weeks later I decited to order 2 frogs and one tadpole, also with the stage 2 supper offer. Now my tadpole is a frog. And almost every night they wake me up fore a nightime snak. They are exiding and fun to whatch. Every time I move my finger up and down on the tank they follow it. I have had meny under water frogs but there not the same as Grow a frogs. I soon am going to get a tadpole.


Melissa - My Little Frog Family
I have two frogs. I have had one for 5 years her name is Frickles and the other one I have had for 2 years his name is Hebert. I just love them. They are so relaxing to watch as they play in their tank. Well, my amazing story is that about 3 weeks ago I noticed these things at the bottom of my tank. I didn't know what they were. So I cleaned out my tank, but I saved some of these things in a bowl of water. The next day, they had a clear circle around them with a black dot. The 2nd day, I noticed they were frog eggs because there was something wiggle in the circle. By the forth day, I had over 20 baby tadpoles. Now they are about 3 weeks old. I bought them there own fish tank and now I am anxiously waiting for them to turn into frogs. The best thing is I do not have to go birthday shopping for my nieces because they are going to get a frog. I am so excited. I feel like I became a new mom. Thanks grow-a-frog I really love my frog family.......The Little O's


I got my frog Toddy when I was in the third grade (1985). Until today, I had no idea that other people had Grow-A-Frogs that made it this long -- my friends and I always thought he was some kind of darwinian super-frog. Now I know that at 14 years old my frog is a youngster! This weekend I am getting Toddy a new aquarium because my girlfriend insisted it was too small and went to the trouble of finding this site to prove it. Best wishes and good luck to all fellow Grow-A-Froggers.


Hi, my name is  and I am 14 years old. 

I received my first grow-a-frog 2 years ago on August 5, 1999 when I was 12, so I was happy to celebrate her birthday yesterday. After I got "Freckles", my first frog, I just had to get her a friend to enjoy their froggy lives. So four days after I received my first frog, I got my second frog "Stars" in the mail. I was at my grandma's house for the day that summer and my mom called on the phone to tell me she came. I remember that day like yesterday and I told my mom to read the froggy packet and it will tell her what to do. I came home that afternoon to find both frogs in the same aquarium. I remembered reading something about just letting your frogs get to know eachother from different containers before you put them together. I was so scared that I my new frog was going to die because I didn't follow the directions. Luckily, the frogs were compatible and became friends quickly.

I want to thank the Grow-A-Frog company for two years of excitement and entertainment. I hope to enjoy their company for MANY more years. Maybe I'll even invest in a third frog so I can have another froggy birthday to celebrate! Thanks Grow-A-Frog! (Freckles and Stars say thank you too!) 


Joel M.
This is a great site. I love my grow-a-frog. I got "Swimmy" in first grade for a birthday, and now graduating college, he is still with me, kicking like he was the day he got his legs.   he is probably as long as a dollar bill now. I think I'm going for the record this year, as he just celebrated his 15th birthday this past July, still rips the spoon out of my hand when i feed him (sometimes spoonfuls at a time), and still tries to jump out of the tank when i clean it (he's succeeded 4 times....Thanks grow-a-frog, i'll let you know how Swimmy is doing next year. 


One of my four frogs recently survived an encounter with one of my cats. Whiskey (the cat that picked on every other cat in the neighborhood) was always fascinated with the frogs, and would love to watch them. He would paw at the tank, but he never tried to scoop them out. I wasn't too concerned. I came home one day to find one missing from the tank. Water, cat hair, and what appeared to be blood was all over the counter. I was pretty upset with myself, and I felt responsible since I did not have the tank covered. A while later I discovered the frog sitting on the floor in the kitchen. He was covered in cat hair, but unharmed. I returned him to his tank where he has happily lived (covered) since. I sense Whiskey learned a lesson. He only observed from a distance after that day.


Zach  08-26-01
Hi I'm Zach and I have had Tadd ever since 03-01-01 and I love him so much. He grabs on to your finger if you put your finger in his water bowl. He loves to watch what goes around him. About three weeks ago my stepdad was cleaning Tadd's tank and moved to the empty fishbowl as soon as Tadd was in he started singing! So that is where he lives today. But there is one day I'll never forget, the day when I was cleaning his bowl and I use a specific spoon to put him in another bowl, he slipped between my hand and the spoon and ran behind the microwave, it took me a long time to finally get him, but he was ok, he just had some dust and crumbs on him.


Alan - 9-11-01
My youngest daughter was six when we received our tadpole. Interesting creature. When the tadpole turned into a frog, my two daughters named her Kermit. What else do two little girls name a frog?

Later, after her fifth batch of eggs, we realized that it should be Kermina. My youngest daughter is 23 now. I guess that makes Kermina 17. She's old enough to get her learner's permit now and we have a Porche all picked-out for her.

Is 17 a record? She is alive, well and strong as ever.


Anon. 12-27-01
Fifteen years ago my grandma purchased a Grow-A-Frog and named it Frog. Over the next few years, both my sister and I raised various frogs with various different (forgotten) names. After 7 years of raising Frog, though, my grandma decided that she was ready to part with him. She offered him to her niece and her niece's son, who had just lost a fish. Her niece thought, "Oh great, we're getting this frog just as it's about to kick the bucket, too." However, Frog is still alive 8 years later, making him 15. My sister and I (17 and 19) are always anxious to hear reports about whether Frog is still alive...we're hoping he might make it to a record age! We had no idea there were this many Grow-a-frog enthusiasts until we found this web site. Good luck to all!


Blanche S. Berkowitz
Our Big Froggy was purchased in NY about 7 years ago and she moved with us to NC. She is my best pet and always greets. She is in a 5 gallon tank in the corner of my kitchen by the sink, so she keeps me company when I do the dishes. When Big Froggy was little, we tried to put catfish into her tank to help clean it, but she kept eating each one. Well one day about 6 years ago, she found a good catfish tankmate. Instead of eating the catfish (Little Fishy), she only ate one of its eyes and they have been together in peace ever since. One of my cats loves to drink from the tank and talk to Big Froggy, who sometimes bites the cat's nose. I am so happy to share this story with other grow a frog lovers.


Hi my name is Sydney. I received my grow-a-frog on April 28th 2000. As you can see Henry really isn't that old but he has had some interesting things happen in his life. When Henry was a tadpole I didn't know if he was a boy or a girl but he always twitched his tale so I named him Twicherz. When Ithought he turned into a frog he really still had some of his tale left. Because his tale was so small it looked like a little triangle and the owners manual or whatever it said that if your frog was a girl it would have a little triangle between it's back legs. So I named my frog Heidi because I thought it was a girl. One day while my dad and I were changing Heidi's aquarium-tank and "she" started croaking and I was like "Whoa, that's weird I thought only the boys croaked! So I looked for the triangle thing and it wasn't there!" and so I said out loud "Heidi's a he!" For some reason I liked naming my frogs with the first letter of "HE" I named my frog that was now a boy "Henry".Every night Henry croaks and its wonderful. The reason I got a grow-a frog was because I love frogs SO much. I have over 50 stuffed animal frog and a couple glass and plastic ones and a frog jewelry box.I LOVE FROGS! I think Grow-A-Frogs are great and I recommend Everyone to get a Grow-A-Frog if the want any kind of frog. I hope Henry will be around to break the 17 year old Grow-A-Frog!


Krista Atherton
I received a Grow-A-Frog kit for my birthday last year and waited till the weather warmed up so I could send for my tadpole. My tadpole, who would soon be named Gobbles (because of the way she "gobbled" water and now gobbles food nuggets), arrived on April 26, 2001. I kept a journal of her metamorphosis, including drawings, that I'm really glad I did. It's like having "baby pictures" now.
When Gobbles was a newly metamorphosed froglet, I sent for a froglet friend for her. When "Pebbles" (because of the more pronounced spotting on his back) arrived, he was about the same size as Gobbles, but he soon outgrew her. When Gobbles turned five months old, Pebbles suddenly had the stripes on the insides of his arms that told me he was a boy, and must be about three months older than Gobbles. I kept the frogs in separate tanks, pressed up against each other so they could see each other, until they had been more similar in size for a while. On Valentine's Day of 2002 I put them together in a ten-gallon aquarium so they could stretch their legs and enjoy each other's company. Now Pebbles sings more.
Several people have mentioned the size of their frogs, so I will too. My
froggies' bodies are about three inches long, plus their legs, which are a
little longer than that. They aren't quite a year old, so they may not be as
big as they can get - I don't know.
Also, I see people describing the habitats they have their frogs in. My
frogs stay in the living room. I've lined the bottom of their aquarium with
those flat blobs of glass you can get in so many colors. I have used these
ever since Gobbles became a froglet, and they both like to dive into and
under the glass blobs. For this reason I weeded out all broken glass bits
before using them and I check periodically to make sure there are no new
broken ones. There are also a couple of glass sculptural elements in the
tank for the frogs to hide behind (well, they think they are hiding, but I
can see them :). A filter came with the tank and is working quietly and well to keep the aquarium clean. Pebbles seems to sing more the cleaner his environment is, so the filter helps a lot. My husband and I both enjoy
Pebbles' song very much. One of the friends who gave me the kit said he'd had a Grow-A-Frog for eight years. Now it seems it's quite common for them to live about twice as long as that! My husband and I look forward to many years of entertainment with our froggies. They have poses that we call "tall froggie" and "Mission Impossible froggie" (from the one with Tom Cruise where he's hanging from a cable to get a disk out of someone's computer). We especially like it when we look up from reading or something and they both seem to be staring at us.
It's funny to hear that someone else's frog bites the feeding spoon, too,
and it's good to hear that they can actually survive out of water for longer
than I thought. Gobbles has ended up in the sink a couple of times when I was cleaning the smaller tank she used to live in, and I hoped I wasn't
shortening her life any. Well, I've now babbled more about my one-year-olds than people with frogs over a decade old, so I'll sign off here and wish everyone and their froggies long life and good health!


Lauren, FL
I was given a Grow-a-Frog Tadpole kit as a present in 1988, for my 6th bday. I sent away for my tadpole and was so excited when it arrived! I named it Taddy, which was, in my opinion, the best name ever. So Taddy lived for maybe 2 years before he decided to go to Frog Heaven way before his time. :-( Then I was so happy because my parents let me re-order not just one but TWO more frogs! This time we decided to get already mature froglets, rather than tadpoles. I named them Taddy and Froggy, and they were the best of friends. We put 2 little sea-shells in their home and it was so cute because when I'd arrive home from school they'd each be sitting on a shell, waiting for me. Sadly, Froggy kicked the bucket maybe half a year later, and was missed greatly by Taddy #2, who lived until 1992. And then came Taddy the Third, who is the King of all Frogs. He arrived at our doorstep on April 15, 1992 as a froglet and he is still alive and well today, about to turn the big 1-0 in 2 months! He has even crossed 5 state lines, having been driven from Maryland to Florida during our move. He is very intelligent and sweet, and I swear he understands us when we talk to him. What can I say, he's just the best! Taddy, I love you!!!


Dear Grow-A-Frog,
    For my 2nd birthday, I recieved 2 pet grow a frog tadpoles.  This year, on my birthday, one of them, Ralph, will turn 17 years old.  His brother, unfortunately, did not make it past tadpolehood.  I had a crazy idea when i was two to sleep with the other frog, since my sister slept wiht our dog at the time.  I am now attending college, but Ralph is still at home under the amazing care of my mom.  My mom did some researching and found no other frog even close to Ralph's 17 years of age.  Ralph has endured many hardships, including a small tank (he now has a bigger one), a move when he was about 6, a little plastic tree that he ate,  and he even survived outside of his tank of water for some time, until he found him shriveled up in the corner of our kitchen.  He is truly a frog with the heart of a lion.  My family and friends can't wait to celebrate his 18th birthday and my 20th!!!!!!!!  Thanks Grow-A-Frog


Hi, I got my Grow-a-Frog in January 19, 02. They sent him as a grown one though. They weren't supposed to put "Froga" in the mailbox. But, they did! I love my frog. She goes crazy when I come home from school.
         I hope to have "Froga" for a long time.
  Thank you,


Hi my name is john and I have had my frogs for six years.  Little boy and fat man (named after the two atomic bombs that ended ww 2) were doing great untill i noticed a crack in their cage. I got them out immediatly and put them in a new cage that I bought at the pet store.  They seemed to be better but then little boy began floating at the top and he died within a few hours.  So I ordered a new frog ( a boy) and it came today.  But suprise suprise fat man wasnt exactly a man. Her and the new frog were on top of each other and they would let go. finally they did but does this mean i will have tad poles?? o well grow a frogs are great and i highly recomened them



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