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From the GROW A FROG TM Handbook

Q. How long will it take my tadpole to change into a frog? 

A. The average is three-four weeks. Just like people some grow faster than others do. Some change in just two weeks, and others can take up to several months. Also water temperature is related to growth rate. Your tadpole will metamorphose about twice as fast at 72°F than at 62°F. 

Q. How big will my frog get?

A. Most GROW A FROGS will reach a body size as big as an half dollar, but a few can grow up twice that size. 

Q. How long can my GROW A FROG live? 

A. The average life span is about 5 years, but the record is 15 years. 

Q. What is the perfect temperature for my GROW A FROG? 

A. The perfect temperature for your frog is 68°F-72°F. However, your GROW A FROG will be fine in a temperature of 60°F - 80°F. 

Q. Can I keep my frog and tadpole together? 

A. No. They eat different kinds of food. 

Q. Can I pick up the tadpole in my bare hands? 

A. No. Never touch or net the tadpole. They should never be out of the water. 

Q. Can I pick up the frog with my bare hands? 

A. No. Your pet GROW A FROG is an aquatic frog and needs to always remain moist! 

Q. Can I put Nutri-Rocks in my GROW A FROG clubhouse as a decoration? 

A. No. Nutri-Rocks could accidentally be swallowed when your frog is searching for food. Use only Habitat soil and large, decorative shells as included in your GROW A FROG Clubhouse.

Q. Can I put ordinary colored gravel in my GROW A FROG Clubhouse as a decoration?

A. No. Your Frog could mistake the colored gravel for food and accidentally swallow them. 

Q. Can my Frog shed its skin? 

A. Yes. It is natural for a GROW A FROG to shed its skin (and eat it!) as it grows. 

Q. Can I keep more than one tadpole in my Tad-Pool? 

A. Yes. Also, it is not necessary to feed two spoons of food per day... the GROW A FROG Tadpole Ecosystem will establish itself in a few days. However, if the water seems to be especially clear you may feed two spoons of food every now and then. 

Q. Can I keep more than two "frog friends" in a Stage Two GROW A FROG Clubhouse. 

A. Yes. GROW A FROGS are social animals and really do enjoy the company of others. It's a good idea to keep two "Frog Friends" together so they always have a friend to play with. 

Q. Will my GROW A FROGS interact and play with each other? 

A. GROW A FROGS are normally very friendly towards each other, but it is important to keep them well fed. Lack of food could result in fighting not normally observed in well-fed animals. 

Q. Can I keep a newly metamorphosed froglet in the same clubhouse with an older larger frog?

A. Not yet. Froglets just a few days after metamorphosis are like babies... they haven't yet developed the "defense mechanisms" necessary to keep the big ones away. Let your newly metamorphosed froglet grow for about two-three weeks before introducing them into a larger frog's habitat. 

Q. Why must my tadpole be raised ONLY in bottled spring or deep-well water; when my frog can live in tap water purified with Water Crystals? 

A. Water Crystals remove highly toxic chemicals added to your water by the local water department. Tadpoles are much more sensitive than frogs, and should only be raised on appropriate bottled water. Of course, you could raise your froglet in bottled water, but it probably will be a bit inconvenient and expensive because of the quantity of water needed. 

Q. I have a "good" purifying water system in my house. Can I use it for tadpoles or froglets? 

A. Definitely not for tadpole's... and probably not for frogs. If you're going to use in-home purified water we still strongly advise the use of Water Crystals. 

Q. Can I mate my GROW A FROGS? 

A. It is very difficult to mate GROW A FROGS outside of a laboratory environment. You need scientific equipment and apparatus not available in the home. 

Q. If my tadpole has metamorphosed into a frog and my Stage Two Clubhouse has not yet arrived, how should I care for my frog? 

A. Your Tad-Pool can be used as a temporary home for your frog until your Clubhouse arrives. First, remove all Nutri-Rocks so your frog cannot accidentally swallow them. Feed your froglet very small (the size of the head of a pin) pieces of frozen, uncooked chicken liver until your Stage Two Food arrives. You may have to change the froglet's water more frequently with new bottled water, because chicken liver fouls the water very quickly.

Q. We received a froglet, not a tadpole. Why? 

A. It's very important to us that you receive your GROW A FROG as quickly as possible. If it looks like the weather is too extreme for tadpoles but froglets may still be sent, we'll send you a complimentary froglet with, of course, a coupon for your tadpole at a later date. Please read "Our Delivery Policy" (page 3 of handbook) for more details. If you do not want a froglet and only want a tadpole, simply write the words "Tadpole Only" in the box with the tadpole's picture above your name on your GROW A FROG Certificate postcard to indicate this preference. 

Q. I'm to receive a complimentary froglet while waiting for my tadpole, how shall I prepare its habitat? 

A. Your Tad-Pool may be used as a home for your froglet until your tadpole arrives. Simply fill the Tad-Pool with bottled water. Leave about 1 inch of airspace at the top. Please DO NOT put the blue Nutri-Rocks in the Tad-Pool with your froglet... save them for when your tadpole arrives. Your complimentary froglet will be shipped with Stage Two Food. As it will be a newly metamorphosed, smaller froglet, it only needs to eat one or two nuggets a day at first. Change the water in the Tad-Pool with your FROGLET whenever you'd like. Just pour out most of the water, and pour in fresh water... it is NOT necessary to remove the froglet from the Tad-Pool when you do this. 

Q. Why doesn't my Stage One Tadpole Food dissolve?

A. Stage One Food is made of two parts. One part dissolves and instantly adds food for your tadpole. The part that Does Not Dissolve is a growth medium for live, microscopic food which your tadpole needs to eat all the time. 

Q. What kind of soaps are safe to clean my Tad-Pool?

A. None of them. Soap is Bad for my health. If it is necessary to clean your Tad-Pool in anticipation of your tadpole's arrival use hot water only. No Soap! You may wipe any excess tap water away with a paper towel. 

Q. My tadpole's water is dirty. How often should I clean it?

A. As a general rule, you should never have to change your tadpole's water because your tadpole likes and needs water that is slightly cloudy. If your tadpole's water begins to evaporate... it's fine to add bottled spring or deep-well water. If you change your tadpole's water with fresh water... you will starve it! After your tadpole completes its metamorphosis you may keep the frog's water totally clean by changing it as often as you like. 

Q. How long has GROW A FROG been available?

A. We sold our first GROW A FROG in 1979 and wonderful people like yourself have been enjoying them year after year ever since then. 

Q. How can I tell the difference between female and male GROW A FROGS? 

A. When the males are about eight months old, they develop black "streaks" on the inside of their forearms. If it looks like somebody took a black felt marker and made a streak on the inside of your frog's arms... then it's a boy! Females develop a small but noticeable triangular shaped protrusion between their legs called a cloaca... and males do not. Also, females are on the average much larger than males. 

Q. Can my frog change color? 

A. Yes. Both the tadpole and the frog are "light sensitive" and can change lighter or darker like the color of their background surroundings. Color is NOT an indication of your froglet's health.

Q. Will my GROW A FROG "snap" at me like a turtle? 

A. No. Your GROW A FROG does not "bite" or "snap". Its teeth are so small you cannot even see them. 

Q. What is the difference between a tadpole and a pollywog? 

A. There is no difference. The two words mean the same thing... sort of like "soda" and "pop".

Q. What is the scientific name for GROW A FROG? 

A. GROW A FROGS originated from Pipidae, which were originally found in nature in South America and Africa. However, your GROW A FROG was not found in nature. It was born and raised in our laboratory. 

Q. Will my GROW A FROG make any noise; such as "ribbit, ribbit"? 

A. Older male frogs "talk". They make a deep grating sound. Only the boys make noise... so female GROW A FROGS are silent. 

Q. What are the dimensions (size) of the Stage Two Eco Dome Habitat?

A. 6.5" x 6.5 x 5.5"

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