Grow A Frog Tadpole Care

Swervin' MervinThe directions for the care of several tadpoles are the same as the directions for the care of one.

One level spoon a day is enough. The Stage One food is not just food, it also promotes growth.

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  • On arrival, your Grow a Frog may need up to 72 hours to adjust to its new environment.  When you see them swim "head-down-tail up" they are fully adjusted and happy.


  • Keep your Grow a Frog tadpoles at room temperature.  "I grow much more quickly at 72° than at 62°" suggested Mervin when we met.


  • Keep your tadpoles out of direct sunlight.  Even if the room temperature is below 75°F, the temperature in the Tad-Pool could become much too hot in direct sunlight.


  • Keep your Tad-Pool away from windows, drafts, and lamps to avoid harmful temperature changes.


  • Don't keep your tadpole’s Tad-Pool on appliances such as TV's, refrigerators, radiators, etc.  They are too hot.


  • Remove your tadpole from the room if you use furniture polish, air fresheners, or other household sprays.


  • Grow a Frog tadpoles are healthiest in water that is "a little bit cloudy".  This is because tadpoles or "filter feeders".  They feed by filtering suspended food particles right out of the water.


  • You can remove about 1/3 of the water a week and replace it with spring water.
  • Did you know... that a Grow a Frogs tadpole eats and breathes at the same time; whenever it opens its mouth?


  • "Never put any foreign objects such as pens, pencils, or kitchen utensils (dirty or clean) in my Tad-Pool," warned Mervin with quiet power.
  • Never rinse the Tad-Pool with Soap or dishwashing detergent.  Soap is bad for my health.


  • "Please don't overfeed me.  If you skip a day in feeding me... don't give me twice as much the next day.  Never feed me more then one measure of food a day," quoth the tadpole.


  • If you need to leave your tadpole in the classroom on Saturday and Sunday, or if you are planning a weekend vacation, She'll be okay for a couple of days because food is always growing in her ecosystem.  Don't feed her "double" when you get back.


  • "If you are planning an extended vacation, please put me in the care of a kind-hearted relative or friend," winked the tiny tadpole called Mervin.


  • Did you know... the "old dirty water" from your Tad-Pool and Stage Two Clubhouse is full of nutrients for your plants?  No need to waste money on plant fertilizers because, as you can see, "I have a green thumb, too!" quipped Shecky Mervin.