Grow A Frog Kit
You receive a rare live tadpole with see-thru skin, (you can actually see his  inside body parts working) Delivered via 1st class airmail in an insulated pack. Eventually,  your tadpole will turn into a green frog that lives its entire life underwater - like a fish.

*Prepare for your Grow A Frog
Arrival Day
1. Uncork the Shipping Pak

2. Let the tadpole in the plastic travel bag stay inside the foam Shipping Pak for one hour so it may adjust to room temperature.

3. Place the green Deco-Plant in the bottom of the Tad-Pool (your tadpole's temporary transparent observational home) and pour in the entire bag of blue Nutri-Rocks.

4. Fill the Tad-Pool with bottled "spring" water or deep well water ONLY. 
Do not refrigerate water.
Do Not Use tap, distilled, carbonated, mineral or "purified" water.

* Buy the water soon, so you will have it when your tadpole arrives.

5. Gently pour your tadpole and all of its shipping water into the Tad-Pool.

6. Feed one level spoon of Stage One Food to your tadpole.
We supply the right sized spoon.

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